Frequently Asked Questions


How to book a session?

E-mail or FB Messenger

Messages are answered and sessions are booked in the order they are received. We will be sure to book your session at the best time for you and for the time of year.  A rain date is also booked in case of inclement weather.   A deposit is required to book your session date, balance is due on the day of the session.  Payment plans are also available. During our e-mail exchange, we will discuss specific colors, themes, or ideas you may have to be sure your session is unique to you and your family.  Newborn sessions include color schemes of 2 neutrals and 1 primary (white, tan & blue ~ white, grey & pink) or a range of a specific color (light pink, dark pink & white ~ light blue, dark blue & grey).  If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.


When to book a session?

As soon as possible

Booking your session as early in advance as possible in key!  Life happens and having a definite date and rain date already booked will make your life much easier.  Sessions can be booked at anytime from one day to one year in advance.  However, Maternity, Newborn & Fresh 48 sessions are encouraged (but not required) to book by at least 20 weeks gestation, Maternity sessions are held anytime after 34 weeks and Newborn sessions are held within 2 weeks of delivery, Fresh 48 sessions are held within 48 hours of birth at the location of delivery (both sessions scheduled after birth).  Summer Specials and Holiday Sessions are offered yearly but have limited availability and are on a first book basis.  If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.


How long to receive images?

2 week delivery

Unless otherwise stated, all session galleries are delivered within or by 2 weeks from the session date.  All images are fully edited at time of delivery on a personal online gallery which allows high quality digital downloads.  A specified amount of images is included in each session.  If there are more than the specified amount of images included, you will be able to choose your own favorite images from the full gallery.  Additional images are available for purchase as well as the full gallery.  After your images are selected and released for downloading without our watermark, we encourage image downloading to an actual computer and backing up to a cloud service of your choosing.  Print purchases are also available through the online gallery sent directly to you through a professional printing lab.  If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Best time to have our session?

Just before Sunset or in afternoon

If our session is being held outdoors, it really depends on the time of year, and where the sun sits in the sky will determine the absolute best time of day to hold our session.  The 'golden hour' which is the hour just before sunset , usually provides the perfect lighting for any type of session.  However, if you are able to, sunrise sessions are magically beautiful, capturing moments in the first glimpses of sun makes for stunning images.  Newborn sessions which are held inside are usually from 10am-2pm.  Birthday session if held inside can be held at anytime that works best for your family.  All indoor sessions use natural & a complimenting 50" soft box professional lighting system that I set-up. 


What to wear to our session?

Coordinating colors, no patterns

Solid coordinating colors make for the best pictures.  Not all patterns need to be avoided, but steering clear of clashing lines and character shirts keeps your images looking clean and cohesive.  I always suggest wearing colors that could possibly compliment your home decor.  Neutral colors like grey, white & blue, or tan, brown & white always works, especially on the beach.  Different tones of a similar color also works like navy, light blue & tan, or black, red & white.  It all depends on you and how you may use your images in the future on display.


Are dogs allowed to be at session?

Yes!  As long as the location allows

One question I receive a lot is if we can include a fur baby in the session.  My answer is always yes!  As long as the agreed upon location allows dogs, the dog is on leash, and has some type of training to allow us to have them sit and stay or be held during a shot.  I suggest bringing lots of treats to help keep them engaged.  Just remember, if we are allowed to bring a dog, other patrons could also be there with dogs and to keep that in mind to be sure your dog and your family are comfortable with that.  We always try to get the best shots with our fur babies, but we do sneak in a few without them as well.  Staying calm & being patient when taking pictures with our fur babies can make all the difference.  If you are interested in including your dog in a session, please be sure to mention it when discussing a location to be sure all residential rules are abided.